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10 Ways to Cope With Quarantine

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

  1. Focus on the positive, keep your spirits up by using cognitive skills, for example, choose new ways to think about the changes in your life brought on by Covid, such as agreeing to find the opportunity in change. Cozy up with that book you've been putting off, start that jigsaw puzzle, flex you baking muscle, or learn social media.

  2. Get back into shape. Start an on-line exercise class, or build your own exercise routine. Focus on getting fit for the holidays, versus filling up with family, and think positively about the opportunity for change.

  3. Dedicate some time to meditation, prayer, and stress relief. Seek out a quiet corner in your home, and get into a lotus position, or just get comfortable. Use a mantra, prayer beads, music, candle flame, or just silence to slow your brain waves, by keeping focused on your breath. Be free, be peace.

  4. Take on that project you've been putting off. Now is a good time to spring clean, go through those clothes for recycling, tidy the pantry, clean the garage, dust the corners, and disinfect areas of your home. Stay busy, this gives you a sense of purpose, if other projects, or work has been halted due to covid.

  5. Find ways to connect on-line. Volunteer your time making phone calls, or e-mails to check in with Seniors. Join an on-line prayer group for global blessing during this trying time.

  6. Take up a hobby to keep your hands busy, like knitting. Buy a fidget hand spinner, Rubik's Cube, or get a pet. Keep yourself occupied by doing something that stimulates the mind.

  7. Get some fresh air, and go for a walk in your neighbourhood. Create a walking route to use daily, and use the opportunity to practice mindfulness as you experience the moment.

  8. Get involved from home, become an on-line advocate for people less fortunate during this troubled time. Connect with people on-line to offer support, and positive guidance through crisis counselling agencies.

  9. Get creative, write that book of poems you have been putting off, start that novel, short story, article, or web-site. Paint a picture, or start that small renovation project you've been putting off. Flex your creative muscle.

  10. Create a spa day! Treat yourself to a relaxing bubble bath, give yourself a manicure, pedicure, hair dye, and self-tan. Welcome a total spa, self-love, and self-sooth!


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