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Christ Concepts

Updated: Aug 30

Human potential is at its highest when a human is free thinking, free to create, and is a free sovereign being. Christ is the embodiment of this free human spirit, as the human is co-creating with a higher energy. Two spiritual energies essential to human spiritual evolution that act to strengthen the spirit of Christ are Ahriman, and Lucifer.

Ahriman is associated with materialism, and worldly power. Ahriman feeds himself by separating humanity's lower energy centers from the higher. This process of separation happens through the belief that spirituality is myth, and that the only thing that is real is the information that we gather through our five senses. This is a very dense third dimensional construct. We surrender to Ahriman through world religious leaders, who support blind faith, and surrender for salvation, we exist in our first three chakras which are reflective of basic survival instincts, sexual desire, and desire for power, our access to higher realms is then cut off. People existing in this state have no connection to their heart, or the manifestation center of their being.

The ultimate vision of Ahriman is coming into this world, it is that of AI. When humans merge with machines, as we are seeing in this transhuman movement, the machine can hijack the human psyche. This will cut off humanity from the higher realms all together. Ahriman gives you simple answers to life's challenges. Humanity won't have to do any spiritual work to improve themselves, or to find one's personal truth. That is appealing to people suffering, but the quest for understanding requires effort to reach the highest expression of a human being. When an individual accepts the simple answers of Ahriman versus taking the information received from the material plane and doing their own research, building intuition, and integrating to find one's own truth, this is the end of the human connection to a higher power.

On the other hand Lucifer, a being of light whose story is not told in the bible as a feminine deity, is the deliverer, the doorway, and the destroyer of the doom of the material realm. She is also known as Venus, Isis, or Ishtar, to the Romans she was a great queen, they refer to her as the Whore of Babylon.

Two concepts exist about Christ that are worth mentioning because it is these concepts that for centuries have created genocides among the bloodlines of the one we call the Christ. The first concept is that Christ is an individual fleshly being that dwelt among us that was also, God, who was sent as a sacrificial Lamb for the forgiveness of our sins, the other concept originates out of the Gnostic tradition, and may have been predominant with Essenic Jews during the time of the Christ, and existed before then. This concept is that we are all capable of becoming Christs, as Christ is a light that dwells within us that we nurture, and strengthen our sentient being with, that results in our moral, and ethical evolution. This soul journey is very personal to the individual, and does not involve doctrine. Christ therefore, is a consciousness that is eternal, and pervasive throughout our soul, soul family, and our human family.

Christians today believe they are filled with Christ when they possess the gifts of spirit. Catholics recommend baptism, and confirmation process that will later in life enable this christed process. Catholics believe seven gifts of the Holy Spirit are downloaded to people who are meek in their religious fervor, and loyal in belief of Christ as directed through catechism. These gifts show up as wisdom, knowledge, counsel, fortitude, understanding, piety, and fear of the lord. Protestants regard nine gifts of spirit in total. Curt Landry Ministries has produced these nine gifts: the word of knowledge, the word of wisdom, the gift of prophecy, the gift of faith, the gift of healing, working of miracles, discerning of spirits, speaking in tongues, and lastly the interpretation of tongues.

Keeping in mind this is strictly exoteric knowledge, or information that can be taken literally, with no hidden meaning. Exoteric knowledge is knowledge provided for the public, or mainstream that is understandable, and broadly accepted, on the other hand, esoteric knowledge is hidden and found in symbology, astrology, theology, and linguistics. One point to consider is that esoteric Christians seek enlightenment and spiritual liberation versus salvation. Knowledge that liberates is often described as esoteric. The early Christians called Gnostics, were given this term as it relates to esoteric knowledge.

If wisdom did not have a polar opposite, it would serve no purpose to seek liberation. In this sense Ahriman serves us in our deliberate quest for spirit, without Ahriman, there is no journey. We leave the world of Ahriman when we accept the function of christed energies working within us represented by Shiva and Shakti, we are able to rise out of the lower chakra's and restore balance. Seek wisdom, and the truth will be made known to you, your EYE will be opened, and liberation will embrace you.


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