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Conflict Resolution - A Misunderstood Perspective

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Successful outcomes pend successful communications between people, yet for as long as we have been humans, our species has struggled with the art of communications. Four things we can't get back in life is the word after is it spoken, opportunities once missed, time after its lost, and trust once it is gone. How we present ourselves to others in our willingness to serve them, is what we will be remembered for after we leave this earth. What are the missing pieces to consistently resolving any conflict that presents itself?

Most conflicts are rooted in the perception that people do not feel safe. This feeling of lack of safety can include physical, and emotional wellbeing. When a conflict begins, our perception may be that the other party is non-cooperative, however, we neglect to consider lower level needs that are apparent as reflected in Maslow's Hierarchy. When we fail people on this level we judge them without looking beyond their behaviour, and consider the conflict for face value, when quite likely the conflict is other than what has presented itself.

Our ability to maintain long successful relationships lies in our ability to maintain our integrity in conflict and our fidelity to maintaining the dignity, and respect of the individuals we communicate with, even when they may seemingly disrespect us, and our position in their world. When we acknowledge the core feelings of safety, or lack of it within the people we have conflicts with we open into opportunity to bond emotionally with them. When we get past the conflict at hand and tend to the underlying emotion, we bring people into our court and onto our team for life because they will be able to say that with us they feel comforted, and safe in sharing intimate feelings.

People that are highly successful in the business world have a high IQ, but are gifted when they also have a high emotional IQ. Few people are strong in both areas naturally, but fortunately emotional IQ can be developed, as well as capacity for intelligence in many cases. When an individual is accountable to themselves first, and others second they affirm their feelings and chose their behaviours. When individuals operate with little awareness of themselves, it is difficult for them to empathize with others. Once we have a clear establishment of our own personal boundaries we are better able to accommodate the needs of others without letting them pull us into the conflict emotionally. This way we are better able to serve them. Keeping the peace in all situations leads to happier circle of friends, and family, as well as creating a happy planet for all to dwell.


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