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Hidden Knowledge

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

It is written that in the beginning the Creator was the word and the word was the Creator. Does anyone know what this really means? Consider these three facts:

  • The energy of compassion (love) is the uniting substance of all things.

  • Our bodies and the outer world materialize from this energy of compassion (love).

  • Emotion is the language that propels energy in motion, which provides a vehicle for the possibility of manifestation, in a field of compassion transforming reality into existence.

Belief can be considered the marriage of thought and emotion. Emotions are experienced in numerous areas of the body for different people, but also in the area of the chakra centres, for example, one may experience joy centred in the solar plexus, and thereafter associate the emotion of joy with the feeling of happiness. Some contend that the two most important emotions of human experience is that of love, and its opposite, fear, however, the most important emotion, be it positive, or negative, that you experience in the moment is the most detrimental to your ability to evolve in the now. This means all emotion is treated equally.

Considering the science of prayer, although words make up prayer, the feeling is the prayer, because the feeling produces the result through the toroidal field of the heart. Emotions put our words in motion. Our heart sends the message through ethereal space. This is how the production of feelings can change matter in the external environment. Considering the work of Shamanic long distance healers, the question arises, does a thought travel at the speed of light? What happens in the heart of the healer through compassion? Can we conclude that energy is matter being moved through intention, and that this energy, or healing force when directed does heal?

Does love change the world, or is it our human will, and intention that is dependent on change? Compassion is the force that connects the universe, but human will is the necessary vehicle for its inception. It is written in reference to faith, that when you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can command mountains to move, and they will move, then nothing will be impossible for you, or at least this was true for Lucius Flavius Silva Nonius Bassus at the Siege of Masada. The key here is faith. Faith in this sense is the feeling and surety, that you will achieve what you set out too.

To explain this further, our thoughts create the direction we are pointing our energies in motion. Then we emote, which means we experience a sensation in our body, that we can describe with a feeling. For example, when one is overjoyed, they may experience stomach bubbles, their face may flush, and they may feel an impulse to express physically by raising their arms and jumping for joy. Some people experience this joyful feeling in the solar chakra, or solar plexus of their body. It is only after the body has produced the sensation in the solar plexus that we can label the emotion as joy, and the feeling as happiness.

When we are orchestrating an agenda for the universe to put in order based on our personal desire, it's at this point that feelings are important, because it's at this stage that we need to be thankful, and feel as if we were in a future oriented state, based on what we desire. According to future oriented, social change gurus, being thankful for, and feeling as if we already have our desires sends a message to the universe to match the energy being created. So, this is where we need to put our thinking caps on and ponder what it would be like to live in abundance, before we put our joy jackets on and feel the sense of contentment of having everything one needs, with paid bills, etc. In this regard, the universe responds by creating the equivalent in energy to what a person is attempting to attract. This isn't magic, action must be taken. Therefore, a person must have a funnel in which that energy can be manifested through. Regarding prayer, we must feel as if our prayers have already been answered without judgement, and forge a way for the universe to supply our demand.

The hidden knowledge is the gnostic belief that physical creation came about when the collective souls of humanity rejected "Everlasting Infinite Light" of immortality that was originally bestowed upon them by the creator. Light is the origin of all humanity, and that each person is the spark of the divine. All people are considered, “Children of the light.” There is an invitation for all to meet the creator in the field, the place beyond judgement, the place beyond right, or wrong. One can learn to express the light of the divine, too manifest, and to be who they are meant to be "of the light." Our divine right.


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