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In The Days of Peleg

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Genesis describes our ancient world to be one that was divided. Scientists suggest that our ancient world consisted of one continent called Pangea, and after a series of cataclysms, the single landmass separated until it became the world we view today. Although this may be scientifically proven, opinions differ about what the biblical story was referring to in its description of a divided Earth. The biblical story described with the Tower of Babel incident suggests the Earth was divided, but in this instance, divided by language. The story suggests that the descendants of Noah, whom scholars now believe to be the children of Enki, built a tower in an attempt to reach heaven, or what we now consider to be interstellar space, however to say the whole earth was divided is still a strong statement that leaves the door open to interpretation.

What is conflated in the bible, that misleads many is there are two lords that are seemingly at odds with one another, these lords can be identified as the Sumerian half brothers Enki and Enlil. As the biblical story continues, this duo are seemingly combined into one God for the purpose of creating a monotheistic belief system. Besides this conflation of information, other corruptions exist that involve the degradation of leadership, and sovereignty of women as world leaders, the corruption of the events in the garden that convict the great geneticist of humanity as an evil tyrant, serpent, and devil for whom we should be displeased, and the deliberate lack of information about the first wife of Adam, Lilith. Lilith being the true serpent who misled Eve, and mated with Samael, the geneticist. Lastly, the corruption of the feminine deity, we know to be Ishtar, or Lucifer, and her Commander in Chief officer Azazel.

Myth tells us that in the days when the earth was divided the children of both Zeus and Poseidon warred against one another for the right to rule. Poseidon built seven great civilizations, and Zeus was successful in destroying them. When Atlantis waged war against the Athenian States the outcome was the fall of Atlantis. On the other hand, Sumerian myth suggests Enki tried to hide a great weapon away in a cave from Enlil, but was unsuccessful. The cataclysm that produced an ice age during this time in our history, is speculated to be natural, but nothing is known about the technology of the ancients. Soil testing in some areas of India has indicated the possibility of nuclear fallout in our ancient past, confirming wars spoken of in the Vedas. In fact, it has been suggested that what was originally carried in the Ark of the Covenant, was a device some say was used as an electrical capacitor that is now buried under a church in Ethiopia. It was the Hebrews (Ibrews, descendents of Iber, Iberians) that brought the device out of Egypt.

After the fall of Atlantis, Atlantean refugees were known to have settled the Iberian Peninsula, along with other regions known today as Mauritania, Egypt, Sardinia, and Scandinavia (Germanics). Genesis 11:16-26 attests that Abraham is a descendent of Eber (Iber). The historian, Josephus (Pliny the Elder), reports that Eber was the patriarch that Hebrew was named after proceeding from the Tower of Babel at the time of Eber's son Peleg. It was Peleg's bloodline that the term Hebrew was derived from. We can surmise that Ibrews (Hebrews) came from the Iberian Peninsula, and would likely be Atlantean stock. We know cities were destroyed during the days of Abraham, one of those cities being Sodom and Gomorrah. Biblical text tell us this destruction was God's doing, based on judgment of the people who dwelt there, although we now speculate natural disaster played a role.

It was southern Spain that produced the wealth of the blood lines of Solomon. It is known that Joseph of Arimathea (Josephus) owned tin mines in southern Spain. Joseph of Arimathea (Josephus) traversed the trade routes from Britain to the Middle East, this family knew very well what happens when one ends up in Tartarus, a slave to the mine, the equivalent of a life of hell, eternal darkness and damnation. One man from this lineage brought to us a way to remove division amongst humanity during such things as natural disasters, and language barriers. He was called the Christ, and he created a new covenant for humanity to follow through with what was to override excessive law passed down through generations of Sadducee rule.

The golden rule suggests we treat others as we would want to be treated. Application of this one rule could put a stop to wars, misunderstandings, conflicts, and all issues that break peace during human interaction. This new covenant was to bring people together regardless of the state of mind, or perspective on personal issues one may hold. When we choose to love ourselves first, we are better able to honour and respect the dignity of others in our lives. Covenants have long been known to be made in blood. I admit it’s difficult to comprehend that someone would give themselves over in sacrifice to get a point across to humanity, and to ultimately give humanity some grace that is otherwise undeserving.

Perhaps there is more to the fact that the highest percentage of Rhesus monkey negative blood types are more predominantly located in the Iberian Peninsula, or Spain today, and that all our ancient history is considered myth. Particularly, the part about humanity intermingling with a race of gods, and eventually slaughtering every single one of them, including the last missionary, Christ. Not that we should ever consider Rhesus monkey positive blood types as unworthy, but worthy of "The Golden Rule".


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