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Nova Manera - A New Way for Humanity

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

There is a lot of speculation as to what the best way for humanity is to prosper, and thrive. Over the centuries may philosophies, religions, and spiritual gurus have made their mark aspiring to enlighten. Some of these individuals, like the Christ and the institutions that followed after him are remarkable to this very day, however in some ways fall short of the mark to fit into our modern world.

A most significant aspect all of humanity can relate to, and benefit from is the development of consciousness. This word consciousness has been a term not widely accepted throughout the centuries as a positive, or constructive attribute of human development. In fact, one hundred years ago it was considered eastern philosophy, and disregarded as occult knowledge by some western religious movements.

The irrefutable benefits to the evolvement of consciousness to the human body, and spirit is this:

  1. Mastery of emotion

  2. Radiant health and beauty

  3. Enhanced mental clarity

  4. Increased authentic power

  5. Trustworthiness

  6. Improved decision making and problem solving

  7. Financial Prosperity

As long as it takes science to measure the vastness of the universe, consciousness will remain a mysterious attribute of the human experience worthy of exploration. When one is conscious of something, many aspects of the brain work together accordingly, compared to the localized sensory output present with unconscious action. This knowledge separates the wheat from the chaff so to speak, those who are in the know, or not. Intelligence is connected to a higher dimension, or planes of existence attainable through the development of conscious thought; Intention.

A second aspect that supports a thriving society is living sustainably. Choosing to consider taking action to create sustainable living in the world is a conscious choice, and therefore, follows conscious awareness. Making healthy choices to live sustainably mean less carbon footprint. Setting our intention on driving electric, or hybrid vehicles, as well as doing our part in recycling that further reduces greenhouse gases in landfill sites is responsible living. We eat clean because we respect the consciousness of other sentient beings, as well as reduce methane gas production. The benefits of the development of sustainable living are:

  1. Improved health and wellbeing for active participants.

  2. Decreased greenhouse gases means maintaining a healthy planet.

A third aspect contributing to the prosperity of humanity is space faring, although this may seem to be a most superfluous move on our part, and one that causes contention considering our lack of social equality, space faring supports the survival of our species, conscious evolution, and technological advancement. If one chooses to go back to the beginning of our planetary existence, and of what we now know of Genesis, archeological

evidence suggests there were advanced civilizations with technical knowledge we do not understand. Knowing this, can we surmise that we are more advanced than civilizations of the past, or are we in some ways lacking critical scientific knowledge?

As the late Stephen Hawking stated: "If we are going to have a unified physics model for the universe, we're going to have to solve prior to that time the relationship between mathematical constants like pi, and the golden number phi, and many others." Mathematicians throughout history have often been musicians, it is interesting that we can relate musical notes and prime numbers, and then relate mathematical constants to musical notes. Is it possible that the musical notes we listen to are directly related to the geometries that underlie the sound?

You will not find a geometric form that exists in the Catalan dual solids that doesn't sum to the number nine. Is it possible to place the linear periodic table in a sound wave that deciphers missing elements based on the geometric shape? The number nine represents the deity Ea, the creator of Earth. We can attribute our existence to the space faring conscious being that dedicated his essence in assurance that we would one day acquire the intelligence to do what he did for us. Truly honouring our ancestors, be them Gods, is to live up to the evolutionary standards they would have set for us, and that standard as we were told by the serpent, was to wake up to consciousness and to be like them.


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