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Reality: A Mental Health Perspective

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Eastern metaphysical philosophy gives us an interesting perspective about the importance of grounding the body as it relates to what mystics taught about energy centres. Today we are very aware of the dangers that can occur with people who are clinically, and chronically ungrounded. Someone who is clinically "ungrounded," may experience psychosis, otherwise known as "breaks from reality". When this occurs, western medicine labels it a mental health related condition, another perspective considers it a spiritual condition, as it relates to wholeness, and what eastern mystics call the "light body," or chakra system.

Mystics have an interesting perspective regarding the question of, "What is reality?" Mystics tell us there is one energy that is aware of its existence, in other words, this energy is conscious. This energy is further described as being everywhere, being everything, is timeless, has nothing to achieve, or acquire, therefore, is happy, peaceful, and in a state of bliss. In Sanskrit, the term "Satcitananda" describes this ultimate reality in relation to three deities Shiva, Vishnu, and Shakti. These deities represent the cycle of liberation and manifestation, which is the process of the soul as it attempts to complete its incarnation within this material dimension.

The inception of matter begins at the source point of creation, or what the Hindus call Bindu, explained as a dimensionless source-point that acts as a seed for manifestation in the material realm. In order for manifestation to occur, there needs to be a link between the spiritual higher order, and the physical plane. Emotions create a link between the reality centred physical body, and the light and energy centred spirit body. When emotions are honoured, awareness of spirit and body becomes more prevalent. The intellect plays a part in communicating between the body, and spirit, however, when the emotions are shut down, rejected, misunderstood, or misidentified, the intellect works overtime ending up somewhat neurotic. When the intellect can be used as an identifier, and guide for our emotions, we can begin a process of empathic communication with ourselves that promotes healthy flow between the energy centres throughout the body.

While different perspectives exist in the world that dictate humanity having a spiritual experience, these encounters can look like mental health related conditions, however, if we consider our entire being, our wholeness, and that all aspects of self are one, and connected, we cannot have a mental health crisis without having a spiritual condition. Be love and light, seek Bindu - the point of creation.


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