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Shake up your life: Change Your Perspective

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

It is a fact that what a person identifies themselves with impacts the relationship they have with themselves, and others. This is identified by the statement,"You are what you think". It is also understood that what a person chooses to identify with at a core level reflects who they are, and what they become. This statement reflects what a person may choose to identify with, for example, if you were to ask someone what they identified with, and their response was: "My name is Shirley, I work for at a department store, my husband's name is Fred, I have three children, and in my spare time I like to attend bingo at the casino". This response is indicative as to what a person relates to that identifies who they are, and what they have become.

One may also choose to identify themselves with the perception of the existence of a power greater than themselves, known as a god. One could choose to believe this power can provide them with an inheritance that includes true health, and prosperity, or one could believe that true change comes from within. Is there a difference between the two perspectives?

Napoleon Hill states in his book, Think and Grow Rich: "The principle of life is moved by faith, for creation is forever expanding." He further suggests that nothing can call the principle of life to action but faith, and that thoughts without faith, are formless, therefore, reality without faith includes it's opposite, doubt, and doubt destroys everything you intend to create with faith. Hill goes on to explain that doubt is a form of fear, and that fear is the opposite of love. While love is believed by some to be the moving force of creation, this concept adds credit to the idea that what you fear you will draw near. By relating in mind to the thing which you fear, you create, for example, Hill suggests that if you have no faith in your health, you will have its opposite, faith in disease. Hill states that the principle mind of creation knows only perfect health and functioning. He states that if you believe the power of creation is one million times greater than that of disease, or lack then perfect health will be yours. These concepts suggest that the polar opposite of corruption of mind is the powerful force of creation, faith that encompasses self-love which transforms body, and mind to a healthful state.

A personal experience confirms these perspectives. I went to a local nursery to purchase a Christmas tree with a friend. When we arrived, my friend noticed a draw for an expensive angel. My friend suggested we put our names in the draw. As we were submitting our names, I affirmed that I was going to have the angel in my house for Christmas. She responded with a puzzled expression. I confirmed to her again that it was my angel, without any doubt whatsoever. As I checked my answering machine, at a later date, the nursery left a message that I had won the angel. If I had checked my messages the prior day, I would have had the angel for the holidays, however I picked up my angelic prize on boxing day.

On another occasion, a sales competition was created that included entering to win a new TV. In conversation with a fellow employee, he very assuredly mentioned that he was continuing to come to work to pick up the TV on the draw date. I was taken back by his matter of fact attitude that the TV was his. I had a chuckle. On the draw date, to my surprise, my fellow employee won the TV. Unknowingly, we both did the same thing, we affirmed to the universe with our word the request that the things we wanted were already ours. With passion we confirmed our request. Does this change your perspective on what you choose to believe, identify with, or have faith in?


Hill, Napoleon. Think and Grow Rich. Random House Publishing Group. 1960


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