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The Spiritual Benefits of Water

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Our body is made of about sixty percent water, with men having a higher percentage than women, for example, a man of seventy kilograms would carry approximately forty litres of water in his body. Our body needs water for the performance and function of our vital organs and tissues, because water assists our body in conversion of food into energy while it is absorbing nutrients. Although it is recommended that we drink eight cups of water a day to maintain hydration levels, our brain's requirement for water is greater than what our bones require to function. Sufficient hydration improves our circulation, mood, and cognition, without it our mental health is impacted. In addition, water stimulates the production of synovial fluid; a gelatinous substance that exists in the spaces between joints that facilitates movement, and prevents friction from occurring in between moving parts. Hydration maintains the functioning of our physical body, and we can't live without it.

While studies have revealed that drinking more water may reduce the risk of anxiety, and depression, it also suggests that water impacts our ethereal health, which includes our auric field. Drinking plenty of fresh mineralized water is one way to keep the auric field functioning, because minerals assist with the electrolyte balance within the body. The auric field is understood to exist of seven resonating subtle energy layers that are connected to energetic points on the body. Energetic points on the body are governed by specific organs, for example, the first energy point, or chakra relates to the adrenal glands that work in conjunction with the first level in the auric field. This first auric level is associated with mastering healing by way of self-love, nurturance, and validation. Through validation we grow our awareness of the need for water, similarly, the first chakra involves ingestion of matter, as it relates to grounding, water is needed for grounding. Just as the first chakra, and first auric layer is connected to our physical state, the second chakra and energy layer is connected to our emotions, and feelings. The ladder of ascension requires that we ground ourselves before we can move to the next stage of enlightenment where we are able to use our emotions as a guide, or vehicle for transport to higher dimensions of being.

Where the danger zone exists is the inability to reflect upon one’s emotional state. If a person is not able to reflect upon their feelings, their energy may become sluggish in the second auric level. A person may drink insufficient amounts of water based on their personal awareness, and this may cause a person to be at risk of psychic attack.

Beliefs about psychic attack can be found in the culture of Russia, China, and India. The study of Kabbalah educates about the occurrence of psychic attack, and informs as to how to protect from it. Studies in China have concluded psychic attack to correlate with risk factors related to certain types of Cancer. One sure way to protect yourself from psychic attack is by consuming sufficient mineralized spring water, as it has a higher content of mineral salts. Positively charged ions found in water needed for consumption include potassium, magnesium, and sodium. Since our body is made up of atoms, we can produce electricity. When we consider picking up a pencil our nervous system sends messages to the brain, without electrical charge firing from one cell to the other, the message to pick up a pencil would not get through. Lastly, water is a necessary ingredient for the conduction of electricity in the human body, that produces the radiance of light understood as the electromagnetic spectrum of colour that the light body consists of. Our radiance depends on water as it is key to our survival, physically, emotionally, mentally, psychically, and last but not least, spiritually. Water truly does feed the body beyond its physical borders.


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