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The Spiritual Dark Night of the Soul

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

The work of Dr. David Hawkins, 'Transcending Levels of Consciousness - The Stairway to Enlightenment,' introduces a rather profound concept that emotion can be calibrated at a particular frequency. Hawkins suggests that shame exists at the lowest vibrational frequency, as it correlates to the root chakra, otherwise known as the survival energy centres on the body. He explains that early life experiences such as physical, sexual, and emotional abuse lead to shame which warps the personality, both intellectually and morally for a lifetime confirming shame to be the tool of a narcissist.

Sigmund Freud determined that the development of shame produces neurosis, or a personality that is shy, withdrawn, introverted, and self-depreciating. Shame exists as a tool of cruelty projected on the mind of innocence to control, and manipulate a sentient being for a lifetime. Hawkins suggests that the behaviour of individuals operating from a shame base is dangerous, as these individuals project an accusatory nature, paranoia, and develop psychosis which leads to committing heinous crime. Shame based individuals compensate with projecting the ideal of perfectionism, however, the giveaway is their "rigidity of thinking". They compensate by becoming driven, and intolerant to insubordination of anyone who challenges their ideals. Moral extremists are fine examples of this, as well as, serial killers who act out of justification when committing hate crimes. The shame based personality is debased with other negative emotions such as false pride, anger, or more often rage, and guilt.

Shame internalized is self-hatred, when turned outward can become homicidal aggression. Shame turned inward is an immobilized state equated with severe depression. A person in this state is despairing, and living under the influence or belief of helplessness, victimization, and hopelessness which is too immobilizing for the act of suicide. Dr. Hawkins reminds us of a time when clinicians would watch hospitalized depressed patients, as suicide attempts were made once mobilized out of the state of hopelessness, or shame, and into a slightly more energetic state of apathy.

In contrast, author Karla Mclaren in her book "Language of Emotion," suggests that guilt and shame are forms of anger that arise internally when your boundary has been violated, or that these emotions arise as a result of wrong action on our part, or are resultant of conflicting personal values. By definition to be guiltless means to be "free of mark," a similar biblical term, "the mark of the beast," defines the opposite of guiltless, which is guilt and the state of shame that goes along with it. McLaren describes shamelessness to look like senselessness, uncouth behaviour, and impudence, which may be considered out of control, out of touch, and exceedingly self absorbed. Shamelessness then seemingly exists in people who have no relational skills.

McLaren describes the importance of learning the difference between authentic shame that belongs to us, and manufactured shame that was forced on us through inappropriate parenting, societal and cultural influences, and abusive, or traumatic experience. She explains that dishonouring shame makes it impossible to set boundaries, possibly because we get overwhelmed in narcissistic encounters that trigger emotional dissociation from the self. This behaviour is programmed out of trauma, it is this behaviour that fuels addictions, and compulsions. Dishonouring shame creates behaviour that is designed to distract the psyche from the self, keeping the ego in position. The ego is the false self. It is this behaviour that perpetuates narcissism, (the mark of the beast).

The good news is there is a way out of this predicament of shame intoxication. The first step to honouring shame is through the development of self-awareness, and the expansion of consciousness. For some people the term consciousness is foreign, and the understanding of the concept alone can take a considerable amount of time to learn, as the knowledge involved with understanding consciousness, evolves consciousness.

YouTuber, Alex Hickman has this process pinned down in his video "Seven Things You Can Do To Access Higher Levels of Consciousness." He suggests the first step is to become radically truthful in our lives, particularly with ourselves, with our behaviours, and our needs. Secondly, to clean up the toxicity in our lives, this means, addictions, compulsions, and what feeds these things, and to clean up our diet by avoiding man made products that are unhealthy. A third aspect is to study alternative belief systems, for example, if you are an atheist, to study other forms of religion for the sole purpose of developing empathy, and the comprehension of the perspective of others. If political systems operated on this system, there would be no war, think about that. The forth step is to learn breath-work, and to exercise, for example, an alternative treatment of anxiety is to disengage anxiety with breathing exercise, otherwise known as belly breaths. This relates to the saying, "To love thyself, is to know thyself." The fifth step is to be fearless in self-expression, in other words be a contributor in the world, even if it means volunteering of your service, but most importantly to speak your personal truth, in a fearless way. The sixth step is to study the mechanics of the unconscious. As the saying goes, "You are not your mind," points to the fact that our consciousness is more powerful than our mind. The mind is just the tool that directs our intentions. The seventh step is to interact with life, and to be the co-creator you were meant to be. This means accepting your right to spiritual evolvement. Seek Bindu - the point of creation.


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