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The Toroidal Field of the Heart

Updated: Aug 30

The self-intersecting spindle torus is the geometric shape used to describe the self-reflexive nature of consciousness. Ultimately, we are a human body within a spirit, or energy field represented as the visual manifestation of the toroid. This toroidal flow of energy is continually folding, and flowing back into itself, creating an infinity shape. Our spirit consists of this field of energy, with our heart at the centre. The purpose of this flow of energy through the heart is considered to be our GPS, or guidance system. This is where intuition, and discernment are manifest.

Science takes this a step further by proving the heart has a stronger energy field than the brain, and confirms that when applying intuition and discernment, our intelligence comes from reconnecting with our heart energetically. As we pursue our desires in an attempt to create in our lives, this creative energy flows through the toroidal field of the heart. When the toroidal field of the heart is functioning, and in balance we have a full healthy aura. When the heart palpates it's a powerhouse of electromagnetic energy, as it produces the largest rhythmic electromagnetic field of any of the body's organs.

Through scientific investigation the heart's magnetic field has been measured to exist several feet away from the body by sensitive magnetometers, through similar inventions our aura is visible with Kerlian photography. To conclude, science confirms metaphysical spiritual theory. The heart can be thought of as the engine for manifesting. Max Planck, founder of Quantum Theory explains this:

"There is no matter as such, all matter originates, and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration, and holds this minute solar system of an atom together. We must assume that behind this force is the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter."

This brings me to question, what if anything leaves the body in an out of body, or near death experience? Does our spirit leave from an internal place, or does an outer energy field, or casing drop away from a more dense inner container, our body? According to the research of Greg Braden, through his Missing Links series with Gaia, he informs that when the heart, and brain are in harmony, sensory neurites that are found in the heart are set in motion, or grow through inspiration of the human will. Science has found that it takes about three days to build new neural networks based on what one chooses to accomplish through the human will. If what you desire is motivated through the heart, the flow towards achievement of that desire combined with sufficient action will be productive.

What's equally important as focussing on accomplishments is activating the toroidal field of the heart through self love. Until humanity evolves to acknowledge the importance of self-love as it relates to raising consciousness, many people will live in a world of half truths. Understanding the toroidal energy of the heart is the first step towards realization that ascension is about shifting perspective of the internal self versus the external world. Seek Bindu - the point of creation, and all will be added unto you.


Braden, Greg. Gaia: Missing Link Series, Heart-Brain Harmony, March 2, 2017


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