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Victim Consciousness - How To Rise Above It

Updated: Sep 5

Our world is all about survival these days, each and everyone of us can relate to what it feels like to be forced into creating what we need to make ends meet from day to day. As much as it seems that some people have a very fluid flow of creativity and financial abundance, the truth is nothing comes easy to anyone. Every single soul on this earth lives with challenges, hardship, and struggle that they have to overcome to mature in spirit, mind, and body, however, what defines strong people? What makes us a good person; challenges, or ethical behaviour?

It is easy to look at others that seemingly have what we perceive as a better life, and make judgments about ourselves, our intelligence, and our path in life. One common fact that is found in statements made by motivational speakers of the ages is that thought creates reality, for every negative thought we think, we reduce our potential for greatness. Does this mean we should believe there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Wishful thinking will always be wishful thinking. The difference between making our dreams reality, and maintaining the dream, is action. Wishful thinking sets up victim mentality that leads to a form of consciousness that pervades through our entire energetic system reining disaster.

Some people are unfortunate enough to have a learned victim mentally due to early developmental abuse. Children's minds are easily corrupted when we do not take care with teaching them how to be responsible for themselves, or to believe in themselves, the consequence is development of victim mentality.

Steps to take to get out of this reality is to own your life, accept responsibility for the past, present, and future. Don't hand over the responsibility of your life to anyone. Be positive, focus on controlling, and recognizing negative thoughts and patterning in your thinking processes. Mentally limit the times you judge, complain, mistrust, and are jealous of others. Believe in yourself, care for yourself in ways that build self-esteem, and confidence including recognizing one's strengths and talents. Always be kind to yourself, without comparing yourself to others as this will breed jealousy, envy, and resentments, instead take inventory on all the reasons to be grateful in your life. Create good habits, and extinguish the bad, know that your behaviour is changeable, and grant yourself mercy. Strive for small short-term accomplishments while you look at the big picture. The turtle wins the race, one small step will result in glory. Don't run from challenges, but believe in yourself, face your fear, and tackle the obstacles with courage, determination, and strength. Forgive yourself for mistakes, and failures, without these there is no growth, or learning. Seek forgiveness over holding grudges, as seeking retaliation traps you in anger that putrefies your energy systems. Determine whether a handout helps you get on your feet, or if it is designed to enslave you towards a lifetime of dependency to the source.

Be a winner, instead of a victim. Winners make efforts, while losers make excuses and are incapacitated by their fears. Liberate yourself from charlatans that seek to scam you by playing on your emotions by using trust as a tool for bargaining. You control who you choose to trust and why, no-one has the right to tell you when, how, or why you should trust. This is a red flag in a relationship. All relationships have stages that build trust, trust is not handed over on a silver platter, but gained after both parties surrender vulnerability in relationship.

Victimizers use guilt, and shame to control their victims. They also look for good people that are vulnerable and ignorant regarding recognition of abuse. Victims tend to be weak and void of the defense mechanisms necessary to ward off the most insidious of personalities. If you're a good person you will probably have a healthy respect for authority, be a people pleaser, and think you have enough street smarts for combat, but probably don't have, you're friendly, sociable, under stress and lonely. If you have been scammed once it will probably happen again until you learn the red flags. Narcissists are threatened by qualities they cannot see in themselves, to them innocence is intolerable, and works to fuel contempt. Recognize a narcissistic personality before you fall prey to their ways. Realize your purpose was not to be defeated in life. Learn to defend yourself, by recognizing the traits of abusers, and teach your children to do the same.


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